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» Application, how to apply and get playing!
 Posted: Oct 18 2016, 10:09 PM
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In lieu of a traditional application, Keep Portland Weird utilizes your character's profile to serve the same purpose. Below is a how-to guide on how to get your character's info into their profile, what's needed to get them approved, and where to let us know then you've got it done,

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the cbox or PM an Admin. We're here to help!

How To Edit Your Profile
  • On the sidebar, click on the little icon of a person right above the Switch Account box. This will take you to your control panel.
  • There are several links along the left side of the control panel. Click on the one titled "Edit Profile Info" under the heading "PERSONAL PROFILE".
  • This is where you can edit all sorts of info about your character. Not all of it is needed for the application, but the sections titled "AGE", "SPECIES", "FACTION", "POWERS", "PERSONALITY", and "HISTORY" must be completed in order to get your character approved.
  • HTML is enabled in these sections for those who care to utilize it, but just typing your info in works too!
What Does Each Field Require?
  • Age - Your character's age in #s.
  • Species - Your character's species/usergroup. This will be either Human, Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, or Wyrdling.
  • Faction - The faction or group your character affiliates with. This can be a Conspiracy, Mage Society, a location (Portland State University if they're a student or professor, for example), or any number of other options. If your character does not align themselves with a particular group, you may enter "Unaffiliated", "N/A", or something to that effect.
  • Powers - What supernatural abilities your character possesses. This is where Mage spells, Vampire Lineage powers, Werewolf breed abilities, and Wyrdling traits go. Feel free to use this area to highlight any other strengths or weaknesses your character may have, such as skill with a particular instrument, allergies to certain foods, or abilities outside the norm (training in a particular skill or field, health issues, languages spoken, etc) that you want the staff to know about your character.
  • Personality - What makes your character tick? At least two paragraphs describing your character's personality ought to let the Admins get a good feeling for who they are, though feel free to write more if you'd like.
  • History - How did your character end up where they are today? This should be the most detailed part of the application, though there isn't a set number of paragraphs, just as long as the Admins can get a solid grasp of the character's backstory. This section can be free form (written chronologically, or broken up into sections by age/events, in third person or first, etc.)
All Done! Now What?
  • Once your character's profile is all filled out and ready to go, drop a reply HERE and the Admins will check it out. If everything looks good, your character will be approved. Easy as that!
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